My Book Is Coming Out Soon So Things Are About To Get Trill

Just an update about my new book, Dating Down, which you can read as soon as it comes out, both online and IRL:

There will be a book release party in Chicago at some point or another. Drinks will be drunk, there might be food. The location is TBD but you should not worry because things like Uber exist. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is not an open party so unless you're invited you probably shouldn't come, but if you decide the crash the party anyway I will probably love you. 

For those that hate crashing parties, I'll be doing readings at Barnes and Noble in Oak Brook, IL and Unabridged books in Chicago. Those will be fun as I'll have a chance to speak in public and that is never agonizing. I might be in pants so along with your pens bring paper towels to wipe me down!